Brisbane Wildlife: Kangaroos, Koalas and All!

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Brisbane wildlife, as in most cities, is mostly about birds and nocturnal animals and, in Brisbane’s case, with small lizards as the most common sight.

Australia’s unique wildlife makes visiting a true ‘foreign’ experience, even when everything about the human side of the country looks so familar.

The two animals people really want to see are kangaroos (above) and koalas (below). Brisbane, however, is a city and neither of these attractive creatures like cities. Your best hope of seeing them at all is in the nearby wildlife parks such as the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Australia Zoo, or Fleay’s down on the Gold Coast.

Our wildlife pages feature photos from parks and the countryside and coast around Brisbane. None of the photos are from more than a couple of hours drive. Some of the wildlife in the parks, though Australian, may not be native to the Brisbane area.

Both of the photos above are from the Koala Sanctuary.

One of the other more famous Australian wild animals is the dingo. A wild dog that has been hunted almost out of existence because it shares our love of meat and is consequently a nuisance to sheep and cattle farmers.

You’ll see lots of the various species of lizards, from tiny almost transparent gekkos to the bigger ones like this. They look fearsome but they’re harmless. I like that in an animal.

You’ll find more wildlife, this time out in the country and coast near Brisbane, here.

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