Powerhouse Brisbane: Popular Theatre

Powerhouse Brisbane is one of the more popular theatres in Brisbane, featuring contemporary performances of comedy, dance, and visual arts.

Located in New Farm it produces a variety of genres from hosting acts of the Brisbane Comedy festival, to dance groups, and music festivals, and visual arts.

It is easily accessible by CityCat, City Ferry, bus, or car. There are also secure bicycle racks if you choose to cycle. There is limited parking around the area but what is there is usually free.

After being abandoned by the city in 1971 the Powerhouse stood empty until it was reacquired in 1989 and an effort to preserve the culture and design of the building was started. It was officially reopened in 2000 and was refurbished in 2007 to increase its facilities. There are 3 different stages, two restaurants, bars, and conference facilities.

If you’re interested in the history of the Powerhouse you can go on a guided tour which will provide a backstage look at the performing arts areas as well go over the history of when the building was a working power station, a derelict building, and the refurbishment efforts. The tours require pre-booking and are usually done a Tuesday.

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