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Queensland Wildlife: Outside Brisbane

This Queensland wildlife page features the animals of the countryside and coast around Brisbane.

Starting at the coast, here are dolphins cruising along just offshore.

The city of Brisbane is upriver from the coast, as I mentioned, but its boundaries extend out as far as Moreton Bay, which is only about 45 minutes from the city centre.

Not far from the dolphins, a sea turtle checks out a weed-covered rock for food.

This spoonbill wandered the beach at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast glaring at seagulls while looking for food. There’s a lot to be said for human evolution and civilization, not the least of which is regular cooked meals.

Still at the beach (near Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast this time) this pelican hovered around the many picnickers and anglers hoping for scraps.

This small bird was also at the coast, though clearly not a sea-bird.

As we leave the sea, the wildlife grows more colorful and none more so than parrots and lorikeets.

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