Brisbane Birds: Colourful Critters

risbane birds are the most common and colorful wildlife you’ll see around town and one of the most common is the ibis. These ibises are nesting in trees down by the Brisbane River.

The next image shows how tame, indeed pushy, these birds have become. They strut around the city like they own it — and perhaps did before we arrived.

As with our wildlife page, some of these images come from local wildlife parks, as well as the countryside and coast around Brisbane.

This photo is of another bird you’ll see everywhere, like sparrows in the northern hemisphere.

It’s a Jay (I think) and the yellow coloring around its eyes gives it a goggle-eyed appearance — comically so in this picture.

Magpies are common too, you’ll see them outside town on field fence posts and trees. They also seem to like clearing up any foodstuffs people leave behind.

I titled this page ‘Colourful Critters’ because most Australian birds are. The ones above are the sombre ones. My next photos get more into the colors.

This dove looks like it couldn’t decide what to wear today and chose to wear its whole wardrobe.

When it comes to colours, it’s hard to beat parrots, parrakeets, and macaws. These two sat outside our hotel balcony down at the coast.

One bird I didn’t expect to see in Brisbane, and saw almost on our first day, was this wild turkey rooting around in the garden.

Part of visiting any place is seeing the birds and animals that live there. They add a touch of exotica to even the most ordinary spots — which Brisbane certainly isn’t.

To really see birds, you need binoculars. If you’re tempted to “splash out” on a pair, here’s a Buyers Guide to Binoculars to help you get the best possible sightings.

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