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Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Australia, a page dedicated to things to see and do at the Gold Coast — from the incredible beaches and surfing to the big Theme Parks just off the motorway, its the place for kids of all ages.

The Gold Coast has its own international airport near Coolangatta, which is also good for Brisbane. The two airports are only about two hours drive apart so either will work for you if you’re coming to this part of the world.

The Gold Coast stretches from the Russell River, just south of Brisbane and Moreton Bay, to the New South Wales border at the Coolangatta River. It takes in towns such as Coolangatta (at the mouth of the river), Southport, Surfers Paradise, and, of course, a string of beautiful sandy beaches all along the coast.

Our picture above captures two of them (sort of), that’s Surfers Paradise taken from the beach at Coolangatta.

Tourism is the mainstay of the Gold Coast economy, as you’d expect. They’d be crazy not to focus on catering to visitors as its one of the world’s great destinations. Naturally, there are plenty of hotels in Gold Coast towns and cities.

This photo is of a surf school at Coolangatta.

This is the beach at Surfers Paradise. You can see why it has grown from a small village back in the Sixties, known mostly by locals and surfers, to the giant resort city it is now. People come from all over Asia and the world to enjoy its beach and waves.

More surfers, Rainbow Bay near Coolangatta this time. Surf schools are popular all along the Gold Coast, anywhere the waves are steady but not too challenging. There are good waves for all levels of surfer around Coolangatta.

In the Gold Coast hinterland, you’ll find mountains and farms stretching right to the Lamington Plateau and Lamington National Park, a world heritage site for its rainforest and amazing wildlife.

Also in the hinterland, but much closer to the beaches, you’ll find some amazing Theme Parks, Movie World, Wet n Wild, Dreamworld and Sea World.

For quieter kinds of parks, there are the Columbin and David Fleay nature reserves.

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