Brisbane Festival:Three Weeks to Start Summer

Brisbane Festival is the most anticipated festival of the Brisbane calendar and a three week celebration of all that Brisbane has to offer.

Starting with Riverfire on the first night when crowds of over 500,000 gather to watch a fantastic display of fireworks over the river and throughout the city. Riverfire starts at noon with activities all around South Bank to entertain you until the main event.

If you want a good viewing area you will need to show up before noon and bring supplies for the day. There are public BBQs throughout South Bank although if you are keen to get in the local spirit then you can always bring your own.

If you don’t fancy spending your day defending your territory in South Bank there are other viewing points along the river but most of them will fill up by early afternoon as well. Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Riverwalk, and Captain Burke Park are all alternatives to South Bank.

Of course the best way to enjoy Riverfire without having to get up early and claim your spot is to rent a hotel room in the city that overlooks the river or, even better, make friends with someone who owns an apartment that does. The rest of the 3 week program includes hundreds of musical and theatrical performances throughout the city. For 2011 the festival will be held from Sept 3-24.

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