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Brisbane Images: Street Art

This Brisbane Images page is a companion piece to our Brisbane photographs page, this time capturing more of the public and street art around the city.

And this being Australia, I’m starting with a kangaroo made of what looks like automobile parts — maybe Holden (Australia’s manufacturer from way back and now part of GM) parts.

Brisbane’s School of Arts is in an appropriately venerable and artistic building in the central area.

This silver many-cubed piece reflects the park colours around it and provides rest and shade for weary travellers (look closely).

After the silver cubes, a golden ball. And a different park this time — Roma Street Gardens.

This photo (and the next) show all the sides of a monolith at Kangaroo Point. The artwork on the stone are in the Australian Aboriginal style.

If you don’t like bridge climbing, you can enjoy the park below the Story Bridge, admire the view across the river and also ponder the meaning of this monolith.

The monolith is colorful and near an equally colourful children’s playground but it has a somewhat gloomy message. Kids, and I mean the art students as well as the pre-schoolers, like that sort of thing.

rom Kangaroo Point back to kangaroos. Another one made of motor parts and a companion to the one at the head of the page.

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