Brisbane Walkabout

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Brisbane apple watch se bandjes 40 mm Australia is a great city. Most people would say it has the perfect climate, with summer daytime temperatures in the range of 25 – 30⁰C and winter daytime temperatures around 15 – 20⁰C. Nighttime temperatures are only about 5 degrees cooler. And the sun shines almost every day.

Whether you’re visiting on business, as a tourist, a retiree, or as a student attending one of its many universities and colleges, this is a place you’ll love.

The city is about 20 km from the coast on a large river, of the same name, and consequently, unlike other Australian large cities, not on the coast. The city council fixed that problem in the 1950’s by creating a man-made beach at South Bank park. South Bank is where folks go to cool off, to see and be seen.

So what’s this ‘walkabout’? In Australia, a walkabout is a wander through the land, learning its ways and bonding yourself to it. And that’s what this the third Wanderer site is about — a wander through Brisbane, showing you everything you need to know to make your stay memorable. Maybe you’ll even ‘bond’ to it.

It’s certainly a great place to live, if you like warmth and a western lifestyle as well.

Brisbane Blog
Brisbane blog provides information about new updates and other useful facts.

Brisbane Australia: Your Place in the Sun!
Brisbane Australia is a beautiful, sub-tropical city surrounded by picturesque countryside and in easy reach of miles of golden beaches.

Weather in Brisbane and Queensland
The weather in Brisbane is pretty close to perfect; a climatologist would call it ‘mediterranean’. With sunny warm summers and mild winters, it’s great for vacationers and those who live there.

Brisbane Street Map: The Big & Small Picture
Our Brisbane street map page gives the big picture for drivers and small picture for walkers.

Brisbane Photographs: Cityscapes and Street Art.
Brisbane photographs is a collection of cityscapes and street art images to whet your appetite for a visit.

Brisbane Images: Street and Public Art
This Brisbane Images page is a companion piece to our Brisbane photographs page. It captures the street art around the city.

Brisbane Cricket Ground: The Gabba!
The Brisbane Cricket Ground in the suburb of Wooloongabba is better known as ‘the Gabba’.

Sports Brisbane: Something for Everyone!
Sports Brisbane – North American or European sports fans will find many new and exciting sports, like Aussie Rules football.

Suncorp Stadium Brisbane: ‘The Cauldron’
Suncorp Stadium Brisbane, ‘the Cauldron’, located in Milton is the spiritual home of rugby league in Brisbane.

Shopping in Brisbane: Places to Visit
Shopping in Brisbane has a car-free heart. As well as regular big city malls and chinatown, Brisbane’s downtown core is a pedestrian-only shopping spot.

Queen Street Mall: Brisbane’s Shopping Centre
Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall is a downtown city block

Brisbane Markets: Discount Shopping in the Sun.
Brisbane markets are a fun way to shop in the open air and in Australia that means sunshine.

Brisbane Attractions: Koalas, Climbing and More!
Brisbane attractions range from the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to South Bank, yocan wulf evolve plus a man-made lagoon and beach with all the fun of the seaside.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: Cuddle a Koala!
The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the oldest and largest of its kind in Australia. You can still cuddle a koala there too.

Brisbane Wildlife: Kangaroos, Koalas and All!
Brisbane wildlife, as in most cities, is about birds and nocturnal animals, with small lizards as the most common sight.

South Bank Brisbane: Downtown City Playground
South Bank on the Brisbane River is a downtown beach and pleasure area made for sunny summer days and, in Australia, that’s most of the year.

Story Bridge Brisbane: Bridge Climb
Story Bridge Brisbane was one of the first sites for this very Australian ‘must do’ events.

Brisbane Transport: Translink and the Rest
Brisbane transport is usually good with most services running on time and rarely packed outside of rush hour times.

Diving Brisbane: The City and the Ship
Diving Brisbane: the city and the ship. Brisbane is a popular dive centre, particularly to view HMAS Brisbane, which was sunk to create an artificial reef.

Brisbane Birds: Colourful Critters
Brisbane birds are the most common and colorful wildlife you’ll see around town.

Brisbane International Airport
Brisbane international airport is frequently recognized by various groups as one of the best airports in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Brisbane Airport Car Hire
Brisbane Airport Car Hire, all the international companies are there and a great bunch of local ones too.

Accommodation Brisbane
Accommodation Brisbane is a guide to the different places to stay in the Brisbane area, from hotels to motels to bed and breakfast places.

History of Brisbane: Queensland’s Capital
The history of Brisbane is one of pioneering explorers and settlers and their determination to run their own affairs locally.

Brisbane Universities
Brisbane universities are a mix of private and publicly funded schools that take students from around the world.

Queensland Universities: University of Queensland
Of the Queensland Universities, the University of Queensland is the most prominent, particularly in Brisbane where its campuses are a significant feature of the city.

Queensland Maritime Museum: South Bank
The Queensland Maritime Museum, at the down river end of South Bank, packs a lot of Australian history into a small site.

Brisbane City Cat: The Best Way to Travel
The Brisbane City Cat is the best way to travel around Brisbane.

Brisbane River Cruises
Brisbane river cruises offer a relaxing way to see the city, taking advantage of its location along the river and its incredibly gentle climate.

Brisbane River: City Street
The Brisbane River is what determined the city’s foundation and is still one of its principal ‘streets’ as City Cats and ferries take commuters to work everyday.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens: Mt Coot-tha Brisbane Botanical Gardens
Brisbane botanic gardens provide locals and visitors with stress-free hours of simple, natural pleasure in and around a very modern city.

Roma Street: Parklands and the Rest.
Roma Street with the Roma Street Parklands, and rail and bus stations, is one of Brisbane’s principal routes.

City Botanic Gardens: Brisbane’s Original Gardens.
The City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane were the city’s original botanic gardens until frequent flood damage forced a move to the new site at Coot-tha.

A Brisbane Restaurant Guide to South Bank.
A Brisbane restaurant guide to the South Bank area, complementing our other Brisbane restaurant pages.

Our ‘Restaurant Brisbane’ Guide to New Farm and Riverside.
Our restaurant Brisbane guide to the New Farm region of the city, complementing our other ‘eating out in Brisbane’ pages.

More Brisbane Restaurants: City and Fortitude Valley
More Brisbane Restaurants, this time the City and Fortitude Valley areas, complementing our other eating out pages.

More Brisbane Restaurant: Milton, Paddington and St. Lucia
More Brisbane restaurant guide: this time the suburbs of Milton, Paddington and St. Lucia

Brisbane Restaurants: Something For Everyone — West End.
Brisbane Restaurants: head out to one of the many different restaurant areas and wander around until somewhere entices you in.

Queensland Wildlife: Outside Brisbane
This Queensland wildlife page features the animals of the countryside and coast around Brisbane.

Tourist Attractions Brisbane — Nearby Anyhow!
Tourist attractions Brisbane is dedicated to those must-see places and must-do activities around Brisbane, like the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Gold Coast Australia
Gold Coast Australia, a page dedicated to things to see and do. From beaches to Theme Parks, its the place for kids of all ages.

Surfers Paradise Australia
Surfers Paradise Australia is on the Gold Coast about 45 minutes drive from Brisbane. As the name suggests, surfing is what the city is all about.

Surfers Paradise Map: Large and Small
Our Surfers Paradise map page includes a large map to set context as well as a street map.

Lamington National Park
Lamington National Park is the largest of its kind in Australia. Its sub-tropical rainforest is home to a wide (and wild) variety of animals and birds.

Sunshine Coast Australia
The Sunshine Coast lies just north of Brisbane, stretching from Caloundra to Rainbow Bay. More family-oriented, the Sunshine Coast includes seaside towns like Redcliffe, Maroochydore and Noosa Heads.

Glasshouse Mountains or Glass House Mountains
Glasshouse Mountains (or Glass House Mountains, you’ll see both spellings) National Park is a day trip from Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Helpful Links
Helpful links for travellers. A page of useful links to travel resources and partners.

Brisbane Ekka: The Royal Exhibition
Brisbane Ekka, more formally, the Royal Exhibition, is a ten day affair and the biggest event in Brisbane. It even warrants its own public holiday.

Brisbane Film Festival (s)
Brisbane film festival page is about all the diffferent film festivals throughout the year in the city.

Hotels in Brisbane: Map
Our hotels in Brisbane page provides a map to the places to stay in Brisbane.

Brisbane Festival: Three Weeks to Start Summer
Brisbane Festival is the most anticipated festival of the Brisbane calendar and a 3 week celebration of all that Brisbane has to offer.

Noosa and the Sunshine Coast
Noosa and Sunshine Coast are synonymous with the beach in Australia’s state of Queensland.

Powerhouse Brisbane: Popular Theatre
Powerhouse Brisbane is one of the more popular theatres in Brisbane, featuring contemporary performances of comedy, dance, and visual arts.

Brisbane Pictures