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Brisbane Airport Car Hire

Brisbane Airport Car Hire — all the international companies are there and a great bunch of local ones too.

First thing to remember, if you’re arriving fom North America or continental Europe is Australia drives on the left. It’s not quaint, cute or wrong — it’s just different.

Driving in Brisbane, unlike many other big cities, is pretty good despite what Brisbanites will tell you. While it’s true there’s a million people, and there’s a lot of construction, it rarely makes a big impact on the traffic conditions except for the occassional detour. And once you’re out of the city the roads are practically empty — by European standards anyhow. The only time driving can be a bit of a pain is at rush hour (approx. 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm), but even then it’s not horrendous.

Parking in the city is where the real pain begins. It is generally limited and can cost an arm and a leg, which is why it’s usually better to take transport into the city.

Driving in the suburbs can be confusing and every resident of Brisbane has a Refidex, a book of maps, to help navigate the winding, turning streets that seem laid out at the whim of the designer — very European, rather than New World. One reason for this is likely because Brisbane is full of hills so if you’ve rented a manual make sure you get used to hill starts early!

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