Brisbane Photographs: Cityscapes and Street Art.

Brisbane photographs is a collection of cityscapes and street art images to whet your appetite for a visit, starting with a view of the city from the City Hall clock tower — a wonderful vantage point.

The church below is a red-brick with white trim, almost a ‘gingerbread-house’ building, very colorful and very Australian.

And here’s the clock tower observation gallery.

The City Hall, like many buildings in Brisbane, is made from ashlar coursed sandstone. Much of the sandstone was mined in the area near Ipswich, Queensland (a little south and west of Brisbane) and so helped to provide the growing town with more employment.

As well as local sandstone, the building used local maple and oak trees for the interior finishing. The interior also uses three different colours of marble, white (from Italy), black (from Belgium), and brown (from New South Wales).

Like many public buildings of the 1920s and 30s the City Hall is designed along Classical and Ancient Roman lines. You’ll find more about City Hall at our page — Brisbane Australia.

Here’s the clock tower from street level.

If you arrive by train, rather than plane, here’s where you’ll get off — the Brisbane railway station.

I promised street art and here’s one example. These stockmen ‘waiting for their billycan to boil’ would have been a familiar sight in Brisbane not so very long ago when the city was a shipping point for wool and meat. Now they’re just statues.

You’ll find more Brisbane public art here.

Brisbane Pictures