Weather in Brisbane

The weather in Brisbane is pretty close to perfect, but maybe I am biased as I grew up here (that would be Liz - not Deb). climatologist would call it 'Mediterranean', as it has sunny warm summers and mild winters.

It's great for vacationers and those who live there.

Brisbane is located in the south-eastern corner of Queensland, and has a Mediterranean climate.

Weather and regions go together, as the rest of the state is warmer, as it approaches the equator to the north. Remote, untouched natural beauty or skyscrapers and malls, they're are all there.

Most of the population is concentrated along the coast near the beaches but even here you can find beaches and rainforest that will make you feel as though you're the only one in the state. Why is one area of a country, or even the world a tropical paradise and another an arid desert?

This is dependent on whether the region is near the coast and the sea or inland and dry. This will determine if it's a tropical paradise or an arid desert or if you are fortunate that 'sweet spot',  like the weather in Brisbane.

People love living in this city, as the weather in Brisbane is fortunate to be in that 'sweet spot', where our weather is livable year round.

So what can you expect when you visit?

Here's a summary of Brisbane's seasons and their corresponding months.

As this city is located in the southern hemisphere, as you would expect its seasons are the opposite to the northern hemisphere seasons.

Seasonal Weather in Brisbane


Summer is in December, January and February, and this is a nice time in Brisbane. The historical mean temperature is over 28 degrees C, with lows of 20 and highs of 29.

There is however, some wind (average 11 km/h or 7 mph) and rain (about 150 mm or 6 inches).

© lucidwaters  | - Man Made Beach at South Bank Park 


In Australia, Autumn is in March, April and May, and this time of year is nice too with a mean temperature of 21 degrees C and high 26 and low 16.

There's less rain, around 102 mm or 4 ins, and wind  at 9 km/h or 5.5 mph, so it feels very pleasant.

© Mal Booth | Flickr - Brisbane Early Morning in Autumn


Winter is in June, July and August and its a bit cooler at 16 degrees C, with highs of 21 and lows of about 10, and generally drier, with only 57 mm or 2 ins of rain.

Winds are light as well at 9 km/h and 5.5 mph.

© Jan Smith | Flickr - Brisbane Winter Storm


Spring is in September, October and November and this is the most beautiful time of year in our city. The temperatures are a pleasant 21 degrees mean temperature, with average high of 26 and low of 16.

Rainfall is light at 73 mm or 3 ins and wind a pleasant 10.6 km/h or 6.5 mph 

© Kelly Hunter | Flickr - Brisbane in Spring

One of the many factors in climate is where do you sit relative to the hot equator and the freezing pole, which is measured as degrees of latitude.

Places on the same latitude are likely to have temperatures that are similar, and maybe climates.

Of course, the location of a place in relation to where there are nearby mountains or seas can moderate or amplify the climate.

In the southern hemisphere, Brisbane is 27 degrees South, the same as Johannesberg in South Africa. Comparable cities for 27 degrees North include, Miami, Tenerife, and Bahrain.

These should give you an indication of the kind of weather you're likely to enjoy on your visit. If you would like more details, read my article on the Brisbane Climate. 

Whatever type of warm climate you're looking for, you'll more than likely find it somewhere in ;Queensland.

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