Suncorp Stadium Brisbane also known as 'The Cauldron'

The Suncorp Stadium Brisbane is nicknamed The Cauldron. It is located in the suburb of Milton, and is the spiritual home of rugby league in Brisbane.

Its also the place that the local team, the Brisbane Broncos call home.

The other type of rugby 'footy' played at the Suncorp Stadium is rugby union.  Although not as popular in Australia as rugby league, it still has plenty of fans.

The Queensland Reds, the local team, also play at Suncorp and compete in the Super 14 League. This consists of teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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This stadium is also the place for the annual 'State of Origin' rugby league clash between Queensland, also known as the Maroons and New South Wales known as the Blues. 

Suncorp is also now home to the local Brisbane team of the Australian professional soccer league, the A-League, in which Queensland has 3 teams.

The original Queensland team, Queensland Roar, is now the Brisbane Roar because two other Queensland teams, Gold Coast United and North Queensland Fury from Townsville in North Queensland, have joined the league. 

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With these two new teams there are currently 10 teams, 9 from Australia and one from New Zealand. The season runs from August to February.

The winner of the league also plays against top Asian teams in an Asian club tournament.  The Suncorp Stadium on Castlemaine Street at Milton, also hosts outdoor sports events and concerts.

The Brisbane City Council wanted to relieve congestion in the streets near the stadium when games were on. So both the city and the stadium did this by restricting parking in the area around the stadium, and they encourage visitors to use public transport when coming to the ground.

You can relax about the trip there, because regular shuttle services are provided from other parts of Brisbane and its surrounds for 2 hours before kickoff, so its easy to get there. They also run a lot more buses for an hour after the the game ends, and the higher frequency of the bus services means its also easy to get away quickly.

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Another way they encourage the use of local transport is that your ticket for the event entitles you to free travel to and from the events on Queensland Rail City Network and Brisbane Transport Bus services. The free travel period is from 9 am for games during the day, from noon for night games, and up to the last scheduled service of that day.

Milton and Roma Street rail stations are the nearest for people arriving by train. You can get all the latest details of what's on and when at their website, Suncorp Stadium.

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