Gold Coast Weather, Hot, Hot, Hot!

Gold Coast weather is basically sunny, for more than 250 days a year, and generally hot to very hot, unless you visit in Australia's winter months of June, July, and August when you'll need a sweater for the mornings and evenings.

This part of Australia, including the whole coastal region of South East Queensland has more subtle seasons than people from other parts of the world are used to. It varies from warm to hot and back to warm again, without any big changes in appearance.

There isn't a monsoon or rainy season, as such, or autumn colors or frosty mornings to signal the changes. This could be and is why Queenslanders and other folks who are lovers of sunshine, love it so much!


Winter in Australia is in June-July-August, and is a cooler period, if you live here or you're visiting from the tropics!

With daytime temperatures of 21 to 22°C and mornings, evenings and nights down to 12 to 13°C.

Its a pleasant time for walking on the beach, touring the hinterland or visiting the big theme parks inland.

© Francisco Anzola | - Winters Day at Surfers Paradise

The sea may be too cool for swimming, unless you come from a cooler climate, and you'll only see the hardiest souls in the water.

If you're visiting at this time, and it's a nice time to visit if you aren't a beach person, pack a sweater or light jacket to go out in.

Another benefit of visiting in the Gold Coast's winter, is it's drier than most of the hotter months.

This is because there's little humidity to build up the rain clouds.

You can expect between 50 to 114 mm that is 2 to 4.5 inches of rain per month, with July being the driest month.


Spring in Australia is in Sept-Oct-November, and is probably the best time to visit if you're a beach person, and most visitors are.

After all, this is the Gold Coast. What makes it the best time to visit is it's drier than summer and autumn, with about 46 to 139 mm that is 2 to 6 inches of rain per month.

Gold Coast Weather, spring

© Petra Bensted | - Gold Coast

The temperature is now growing warmer, with 24 to 27°C by day and 15 to 19°C at night. Also, because there isn't yet the heat and humidity, the skies are clear throughout the day and there are fewer evening thunder showers than in summer.

With the milder Gold Coast weather, touring the hinterland and visiting wildlife parks and theme parks is still a great option... see the links below to learn more. At this time of the year, eating and drinking outside in the many restaurants and pubs along the coast is popular.


Summer in Australia is in Dec-Jan-February and is where the beach lovers really come out. The mornings are the best time, with clear skies and warm sea.

Gold Coast weather, summer thunder shower

© Kerrie Brailsford | - Crowed Beach on the Gold Coast

Summer in Australia is in Dec-Jan-February and is where the beach lovers really come out.

The mornings are the best time, with clear skies and warm sea.

Later in the afternoon, it begins clouding over, and you can expect thundery showers through out the evening.

At night you can often get quite heavy rain, usually about 160 to 188 mm that is 6 to 8 inches of rain per month, with February being the wettest. Sounds lovely on the roof while you are in bed.

This is where the bars and restaurants are busiest, as people brag about their prowess on the waves, and their bruises. These months the gold coast weather is HOT, the record is 40 °C.

The air humid so it feels much hotter than the mean temperature of 28 to 29°C would suggest. The nights aren't much cooler at 20 to 22°C and still sticky damp. Air conditioning is a must for visitors from temperate climates, so be sure your hotel has it.


Gold Coast weather, cloudy autumn

© Kelly Hunter | - Cooling Down in the Heat of the Day

Autumn in Australia is in March-April-May, and is another gentler time to visit if you aren't a hot, hot, hot weather fiend.

The evenings and nights are cooling from the summer heat, but are still pleasantly warm.

The the days can still be hot, with temps of 28°C down to 23°C.

And like spring, it isn't so wet as summer, with 111 to 129 mm that is 2.5 to 3 inches of rain per month.

This is a good time to visit because whether you choose the beach or touring and sightseeing, you'll find the Gold Coast weather fits your needs. And it's a great time to sample the freshly caught each day local seafood in restaurants up and down the coast.

As with all trips to sunny climes, remember your sunscreen. Australia has a neat program called 'Slip-Slop-Slap' to remind you. This relates to Slip on a T-shirt, Slop on sunscreen and Slap on a hat.

And Gold Coast weather is sunny all year round, don't be caught out. The number of people who are sunburned on their first day and spend the rest of the trip indoors is legendary.

© Joe Bielawa | - Slip, Slop and Slap

For more about places to visit in and around the hinterland, visit our pages on the Lamington National Park, Seaworld, Movie World, and a bit farther away, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

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