Brisbane Photographs Of Cityscapes and Street Art

The Brisbane photographs page hosts a collection of cityscapes and street art images to whet your appetite for a visit.

Brisbane Photographs, view from City Hall tower

© Bertknot | - View of Brisbane CBD from Kangaroo Point

We start with a view of the city from the City Hall clock tower, a wonderful vantage point. The City Hall, like many heritage buildings in Brisbane, is made from ashlar coursed sandstone.

© Tatters | - Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower

Much of the sandstone was mined in the area near Ipswich, Queensland, a heritage town located a little south and west of Brisbane. Mining the sandstone helped to provide the growing town of Ipswich with much-needed employment.

© Denis Jaculli | - Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower

The Brisbane City Hall also incorporated local maple and oak trees for the interior finishing.

In the next two pictures below, you can see two different views of the City Hall. On the right you can see the inside of the clock tower and the observation gallery.

The interior also uses three different colours of marble, including white marble from Italy, black marble from Belgium, and Australian brown marble from New South Wales.

Brisbane Photographs, view of the clock tower observation gallery
Brisbane Photographs, clock tower from the street

The photo on the left above, shows the clock tower from street level. The pillars you see above the clock are the ones in the photo on the left, and are accessible by elevator from the ground floor.

It's a great view and worth the time to visit. Try to avoid being up there on the hour though because the clock chimes are very L-O-U-D

Like many public buildings of the 1920s and 30s, the City Hall is designed along Classical and Ancient Roman lines. You'll find more about City Hall in our article about Brisbane Australia.

The church below is red brick with white trim, almost a 'gingerbread house' building, very colorful and very Australian.

© David Ashford | - Albert Street Church Brisbane

The Albert street Uniting Church is a heritage-listed building located in the heart of the CBD, and it is dwarfed by the high-rise buildings that surround it. The church was built in 1988-89 and was originally a Methodist Church.

I promised street art and there is one example shown in the picture below, featuring the statue of a group of stockmen tending a fire.

This would have been a familiar sight in Brisbane not so very long ago when the city was a shipping point for wool and meat.

Brisbane Photographs, street art - stockmen and billycan

"The Drovers (sculpture)" by Kgbo - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

These Drovers are 'waiting for their billycan to boil', meaning they put a pot on the fire and brewed a cup of tea. If you travel out into the bush you might still see a local grazier putting a billy on to boil.

But for the most part, now they are just statues.

These statues are quite life-like, and if you keep your eyes open while visiting Brisbane, you may see quite a bit of street art in various places.

© Brisbane City Council | - Gestation Queen Street Mall Brisbane

Gestation was created by Baile Oakes. It was commissioned for and installed at World Expo '88'. The sculpture measures 2.8 metres in diameter and now resides in the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane.

This sculpture is featured in the The Contemporary Art and Architecture Trail as is Land Lines (see image below).

© Brisbane City Council | - Landlines by Jennifer Marchant

Landlines is a large scale representation of a topographical map of the mountains surrounding Brisbane.

This beautiful work of art was created by Jennifer Marchant and is wrapped around the building located at 53 Albert Street, cleverly concealing three levels of (usually) unsightly car-parking.

Brisbane Photographs, main rail station

If you arrive by train, rather than plane, here's where you'll get off, at the Brisbane railway station.

The station is the smaller building with the domed tower out front.

The pedestrian and vehicle ramps up to the main building to the left.

The station is still very much in use with trains to many of the outlying regions of Brisbane and Queensland, as well as Brisbane Airport.

The trains in Brisbane are an easy way to see the city, as they avoid traffic and take you straight to your destination. You'll find more Brisbane public art here.

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